Sunday, December 14, 2008


Greeks Go Crazy & Over What?

Since December 6th, Greeks have been protesting the police shooting of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos. What's wrong with these people, getting all worked up over one cop killing of a teenager who was obviously hanging out with the wrong crowd?

In Amerika, hardly anyone protests when teens get killed by the police, and compared to Greece, I reckon it happens a lot more often here. I mean take a look at Stolen Lives: Killed by Law Enforcement, there're lots of teens listed in there.

In the Detroit metro area--which is roughly comparable in population to the Athens metro where Grigoropoulos was killed--unarmed 13-year-old Charles Ledell Clay was killed by an off-duty cop in 1995. Then in 1997, Roy Hoskins, a 14-year-old kid was shot in the back, while standing still with arms raised, by Detroit Police Officer James Woods. Nobody did anything like what is happening Greece. Who even remembers these kids but their friends and families?

Greeks should be more like Amerikans and stop getting bent out of shape over one dead kid, right?

See also: "On the Greek Riots: Irregular updates on the situation in Greece, in English"

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First of all, you can't even spell the word correct. It's American not Amerikan, so obviously you are not one. Secondly, I am Greek-American born and raised in the US and regret every day I am in this country. I wish my parents had never moved here from Greece. It is worse here then in Europe. We work and die for the rich/Republicans. We are not a free country. We have no rights what so ever. You only see on TV what this our government wants the rest of the world to see. I have many foreign friends here that have relocated from other countries. They all say one thing, if it wasn't for money they would not be in the US. This is also why your average american is on depression medication. WAKE UP WORLD!...DON"T GET FOOLED BY THE US!
"Amerika" is a satiric misspelling. The Oxford English Dictionary says of the word: "Alteration of the name of America (see AMERICA n.), after German Amerika and Russian Amerika, to express associations of fascism and authoritarianism."
For you who are not in Greece, don't believe what this guy is saying. It is hell over here. The problem is that the Greeks were not just getting worked up over a cop shooting , they are angry over the goverment stealing all their social security, by bankrupting the country, for 25% unemployment,goverment officals stealing goverment land and lining their pockets with the money. And that my friend is just a little cream off the top of all the problems Greece has at the moment.Guess what I am sorry I ever heard of came to, or even seen Greece. It is very exspensive, you can't buy anything that is worth while. Everything is a fake here,, two faced is the people, come here give me your money and go home now. And we are talking Greeks born here, leave to go work out for a few years and when you come home, not your home anymore, someone has stolen it. You wake up fool, you have no idea how good you have it. And its America, not American.Oh, yes, 99% of all Greeks are crooks. Period, spoiled and have no idea what good work is. Most 30 year olds goal in life is to get on Social security . They never get up until noon, never worked a 18 hour day in their life and are just about ready to find out what life is all about and it ain't Cafe Nascafe.
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