Friday, April 28, 2006


Response to Krzewinski

Below is the text of a letter published by the Ann Arbor News on April 26, 2006, responding to Bob Krzewinski's letter of April 11.
No evidence Iraq sign was insincere

In his letter, Robert Krzewinski could have explained in reasoned tones why he objects to the slogan "Victory to the Iraqi resistance" (The Ann Arbor News, April 11). Instead, he compares fellow anti-war protesters to Fred Phelps and psychopathologizes them as mere attention seekers. Krzewinski offers no evidence that the protester holding the "Victory to the Iraqi resistance" sign was an attention seeker rather than a sincere opponent of the war expressing solidarity with Iraqis justifiably fighting against an occupying army.

Krzewinski also claims that the "crosses" display is "nonpolitical," but this is not credible - the display is, after all, part of an anti-war protest. Furthermore, commemorating, as it does, only American troops killed in the war panders to American jingoism while devaluing the many more Iraqi lives snuffed out by Americans in an illegal war initiated on false pretenses. Moreover, since 2003, Veterans for Peace nationally has demanded "an immediate end to the U.S./British war and occupation in Iraq" and is a main sponsor of the "Bring Them Home Now!" campaign. The immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops is also the main goal of the Iraqi resistance. Who can deny that achieving this goal would not also be a victory for the Iraqi resistance? As for Krzewinski's claim that the "sign was the equivalent of spitting on dead soldiers," the Bush administration and congressional Democrats and Republicans have shown real contempt for the lives of U.S. troops by sending them to kill and die for an unjust cause.

Michelle J. Kinnucan , Ann Arbor
The writer is a member of Veterans for Peace Chapter 93
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