Tuesday, September 26, 2006


"Zionist Apparel" Too Hot for American Apparel?

Jewlicious blogger ck created his own parody ad for his post "Boycott Zionist Apparel! And another Jewlicious Prank!" The parody ad was picked up by American Apparel cyberhack Weronika who called it "a hilarious spoof of one of our famous ads" and put it on the company web site. The funny thing though is that Weronika cropped the image to remove the bottom portion. She didn't "mess around" with ck's bandwidth but she did mess around with the image. Could it be that the ad slogan "Zionist Apparel" cut too close to the bone for AA? Could be.

Screen capture of the Jewlicious parody ad:

American Apparel's cropped version:

See also: Another Reason to Boycott American Apparel

DVfP, my cropping of the image was dictated by geometry: have you noticed that all of the images on our corporate blog are square? Have you notice that I link to Jewlicious, where people can see the spoof in all its Zionist glory?

BTW, I think this is the first time I have been called cyberhack. I prefer Blog Warrior Princess, but I'll take "cyberhack" as a badge of honor.
Whatever, Weronika. I asked a question but didn't make a declarative statement about your motive for cropping the image. You can blame it on "geometry" if you like but I can't help notice there are several non-square images fit into a square frame on AA's "Daily Update" blog. I referred to you as "cyberhack" because you do it for money, don't you Weronika? If you cruise the blogosphere and defend the company while on AA's payroll that makes you a "hack." Look it up in a dictionary.

In any event, I'm more interested in substantive issues which you and ck never seem to address. Is AA proud to violate the international boycott and divestment campaign against Israel? Is your boss, Dov Charney, a proud Zionist? Does he have Israeli citizenship? Did he serve in the IDF? Does he contribute to any Zionist organizations? How much money does AA pay to Jewlicious?
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