Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Quotable: Materialism and Satan

Thus Satan offers Christ, unfurled,
the wealth of the material world.
The Devil is, then, by and large,
materialism's fierce mirage.

So, in the light Renaissance brings,
the Age of Reason spreads its wings.
The rational now holds full sway
and science ascends as God gives way.

Materialism's steady creep
which William Blake called
"Newton's sleep,"
brings worldy blessings,
fair and fine.
Yet blinds mankind to the divine.

Such tempting gifts
this devil brings:
Steam engines, printing, splendid things
that in their wake, an age decree
of spiritual drudgery.

Source: Characters of Mike and Mack a.k.a. the Caduceus in Promethea (Collected Edition Book 2) by Alan Moore et al. (La Jolla, CA : America's Best Comics, 2001).

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