Saturday, March 24, 2007


Quotable: Arms Control--The Joke's on You

US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger commenting to Israeli Defense Minister General Moshe Dayan on Israel's proposed disengagement plan with Syria: It is like Admiral Moorer presenting a SALT [Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty] plan. It is probably exactly what you have got there now. Our military have discovered that arms control is a way to expand armaments; you build up to a compulsory ceiling.

Dayan: At least I am in good company.

Kissinger: Do you have that much there [in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights] now?

Dayan: We don't have that much there now. [Laughter] That is why we want more tanks.

Later in the memo (pp. 16-17) the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Simcha Dinitz, and other jokingly remark on his ability to manipulate the American media.

Source: Declassified secret White House "Memorandum of Conversation." The memo documents a high-level discussion which took place on March 29, 1974. p. 4.

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