Saturday, September 01, 2007


Update: UMich Press 'Uncaves'

Last Sunday, I alerted you to the one of more recent undertakings of the Zionist thought police--the threatened de facto censorship of Joel Kovel and Pluto Press. I asked you then to contact the public employees involved. Yesterday I received the text below as a comment and today Joel Kovel confirmed for me that it did come from him.

I'm, therefore, happy to report some small bit of good news on this story. Overcoming Zionism is once again available from UM Press although as of this writing the UM Press link to Kovel's book is still dead. As Joel indicates, this matter is still far from resolved but we might just be seeing a turning of the tide back in favor of intellectual freedom. So, keep spreading the word and make sure to contact Phil Pochoda and Mary Sue Coleman and tell them to stand up for intellectual freedom and against Zionist thought control (contact info on earlier blog post here).
Greetings from Joel Kovel.

I appreciate the solidarity, and welcome your help in the struggle against the Zionist Thought Police and liberal collusion therein.

But there has been an important development in this case, which you need to know about. As a result of influences unknown, UMP has somehow "uncaved". It's utterly unclear what is going on, and all the danger signs are there to be taken seriously, but at the moment, Director Pochoda has recanted and OZ is back on their list. To repeat: we are not breathing any sighs of relief, as the operative hierarchy here, from UM Press, to the mid-level UMich figures, to the top officials, to the trustees, and to the Governor of Michigan, with all the shadowy forces around them, not least the Zionist apparatus, are keeping everything very close to the vest. In a word, we know nothing, really, about how this is going to turn out. We intend to organize and fight against these forces, but first they have to reveal themselves.

I would appreciate it if you could foreground this in the blog. Pluto, in particular, is very edgy about the situation, as their survival is at stake.


Joel Kovel

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