Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The Pochoda/SwU-M Hate Speech Challenge

UM Press Director Phil Pochoda has said of Joel Kovel's book Overcoming Zionism that "the issue raised by the book is not free speech but hate speech" and StandWithUs-Michigan (SwU-M) has affirmed this reading. So, here's the challenge: Do any of the folks behind these claims have the integrity to put their money where their mouths are? Show my readers up to three examples of your own choosing of "hate speech" in Kovel's book (fifty words or less each and with page numbers) and I will publish them here on this blog unedited for anyone to read. Any examples beyond three I will consider publishing but, hey, you can always publish them yourselves. I predict a definite no-show by Pochoda and although they're reading this blog I also predict a no-show by SwU-M. Accusations are cheap and integrity is rare. E-mails will be sent to Pochoda and SwU-M regarding this challenge.

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makes me want to read it.. I did read the first few pages (on Amazon)... looked quite interesting
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