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Democracy & Equality--Beyond "Unthinkable"

Below is an unsigned editorial published yesterday by the New York-based Jewish Daily Forward. It highlights just how thoroughly Jewish supremacism/racism can distort the ethics and reasoning ability of, presumably, otherwise ethical and rational people. My remarks are interspersed in regular font.

Thinking the Unthinkable
Thu. Feb 28, 2008

VFPD: The author does not make it clear just what is unthinkable but it is, apparently, "that Israel must talk to Hamas" because the idea that Jews should give up on Jewish supremacy in Palestine is beyond unthinkable. You would first have to admit that is what Israel and Zionism is all about and this the author does not do.

Israel is in a diplomatic and military jam that keeps getting worse, but has no obvious solution.

VFPD: Here's an obvious solution: 1) End the occupation of Arab lands seized in 1967; 2) Equality and democracy for all citizens of Israel; and, 3) Implementation of the Palestinian right of return under UN General Assembly Resolution 194.

It is rapidly approaching the demographic tipping point, when Palestinian Arabs outnumber Israeli Jews in the land now under Israeli control.

VFPD: Too late. According to the US State Department, that "tipping point" was passed around 2004.

When that happens, Israel will find that it has become a minority-rule state, and it will have to make the choice it has avoided up to now: whether to be a Jewish or a democratic state.

VFPD: The decision was made long ago against democracy and for Jewish supremacy. From its bloody inception, Israel was undemocratic and that is why so many Arabs were killed or ethnically cleansed in 1947-1949 and subsequent years. Currently, Israel dominates the lives of millions of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank even though they comprise no part of its polity. Just because Arabs are putatively in the minority does not make the situation any less undemocratic than if they constituted the majority.

If it chooses democracy, it will no longer be the Jewish state of Israel. If it gives up on democracy, it will find itself more isolated — and threatened — than ever. Israel’s prime minister, Ehud Olmert, put it well last fall: If the peace process does not resume and lead to a Palestinian state soon, Israel is “finished.”

VFPD: And, thus, we find the reason why so many Zionists and faux progressives embrace the "two-state solution"--to preserve Jewish supremacy in the 78% of Palestine stolen in 1947-49.

The only solution is to separate from the Palestinians in the territories, and the only practical way is through Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and partition into two separate states. That process must be carried out by agreement with the Palestinians. Unilateral withdrawal, as happened in Lebanon and Gaza, has been discredited by events.

But negotiations require a partner capable of carrying out its end of the bargain. The Palestinian Authority, Israel’s main negotiating partner, is toothless and incapable of imposing its will. It lost even nominal control of Gaza to Hamas, which bombards Israel daily and rejects the very idea of recognizing Israel.

Out of this impasse, a new consensus is emerging that Israel must talk to Hamas. The Islamist party has offered Israel a long-term cease-fire, lasting decades. It is already negotiating indirectly with Israel, through Egyptian mediators, for a prisoner exchange that would free kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. Egypt is also working to bring Hamas and Fatah back together. With Hamas in tow, Mahmoud Abbas and his Palestinian Authority could negotiate with Israel for a deal that has some chance of working.

VFPD: I hope that Palestinians will never submit to any negotiations led by the Fatah Zionist collaborator, Abbas. Hamas was demonstrably the choice of the Palestinian people and it is Abbas who should be "in tow" if he participates at all.

As usual, the Israeli public is ahead of its leaders. A new poll conducted by Tel Aviv University and published this week in Ha’aretz shows that 64% of Israelis favor talks with Hamas, and only 28% are opposed. Several Israeli Cabinet ministers have come out in favor, as well. They understand that Israel urgently needs a strong Palestinian leadership to talk to.

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The February 28 editorial provides ample evidence that Zionism causes brain damage. The anonymous author whines,
"Israel is in a diplomatic and military jam that keeps getting worse, but has no obvious solution. " Then he or she rehashes the same internal Jewish arguments that have been halting peace for sixty years. This editorial is also a very good example of Jewish neuroses. As Einstein described it, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." In truth, the Israeli citizenry have many clear options available to them and most of them are very easy to choose. They could do the morally correct thing and simply find someplace else to live, for example Russia, Germany or the U.S. They could take the really high path and simply fire the Israeli government and submit to majority rule by themselves. After all, when Jews migrate to the U.S. they accept the U.S. president. Jews wishing to live in the Holy Land should pay taxes to Hamas. There are obviously many paths of varying degree of seriousness that Jews could take to express their sincere desire for solving the problem of the very bad idea of mass Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Basically, the time has passed for dialogue. Americans should refuse to work with or even speak to a Zionist Jew. They should start putting Zionists in prison and seizing their money. That would be the most adequate solution if you ask me.

Karin Friedemann, Boston
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