Friday, February 15, 2013


Gun Control Graphics

The gun control graphics below all came from International Liberty, the blog of Cato Institute Senior Fellow Daniel J. Mitchell. Although, like much political rhetoric, they tend to exaggerate for effect, I think they all convey at least a grain of truth.

I will only comment on the first graphic. A common objection to such assertions is that Barack Obama and his family need armed security because they are very high-profile targets. Fair enough, but the fact is that hundreds or thousands of innocent victims of gun crimes in the US are not VIPs. They are ordinary folks and they're not asking for Secret Service and police/military security details, they just want the right to use guns to protect themselves and their families.

You may think this is misguided and there are good grounds for such an opinion but no one is forcing you to buy a gun. So, why not try to change the minds of the people who don't see things your way instead of trying to empower people with guns and badges to force your opinions about guns on otherwise law-abiding citizens?

Clicking on the images below will enlarge them.

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If, according to the Justice dept figures, roughly 2000 incidents of excessive force were committed by 59% of the officers, and we presume that the rate of these incidents is roughly the same across the total, then over 3300 separate excessive force incidents occurred in 2002, the year cited in the article. That works out to 9 per day.
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