Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Iraq War Will Worsen

This is from the "I hope I'm wrong file." Now that the Democrats will have a solid majority in the US House of Representatives and, probably, a razor-thin majority in the Senate, many people will look for the US to start pulling out of Iraq. The 2006 election is widely viewed as a referendum against the war and Rumsfeld is history. The Dems now have the power of the purse (US Const. Art. I, Sec. 7) and could force a US withdrawal but I expect US troop levels to increase in Iraq in the next two years and more Iraqis and Americans to die.

Here's why: Both parties are in the grips of the arms industry and the Israel Lobby. If anything, the Democrats are even more pro-Israel--albeit only slightly (think about the difference between 97% and 99%). Furthermore, when the new Congress is seated we will be less than two years away from the 2008 presidential election. Neither major party will want to go into that election shouldering the blame for losing the war or for a "cut and run" on Iraq. On the contrary, they will both want to claim credit for a "victory." So, look for a troop build up with "pacification" and "Iraqization" or, at best, "staying the course." These policies will fail, of course, but they are the likely outcome of the political necessities constraining both wings of the single war party.

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You have a great blog and have to agree with you about the democrats being mor pro-Israel even if slightly. I am going to add your link to my blog. Enjoy what you have to say.
Thanks, Chet, for your kind words.
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