Sunday, April 01, 2007


Darfur Diversion by Bendib

Click here to go to Khalil Bendib's (the artist) web site.

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it's not hard to play devil's advocate to this image. while i think the hypocrisy of those who talk about darfur while ignoring palestine and iraq is clear, it's not so clear to me that it is a distraction. to me that implies that darfur is not a big deal. but haven't up to 400,000 people been killed? how can this be categorized as merely a distraction from these other issues?
Thanks for your comment. Just because Darfur is used hypocritically by some doesn't mean that it "is not a big deal." I disagree that the cartoon implies Darfur is "merely a distraction," except for Zionists like Ruth Messinger who are, as the cartoon depicts, up to their knees in blood in Iraq and Palestine. The same goes for members of what Ed Herman calls the "cruise missile left" although there is seemingly a lot of overlap between the two groups (see the last half of my post: "Eve Ensler--'Lion of Judah' ".

Most accounts agree that most of the non-combatant deaths in Darfur--200,000 to 400,000--have resulted primarily from malnutrition and starvation. Last year, Doctors without Borders was sharply critical of how the West has politicized food aid:

"In the name of a peace process that is, at best, uncertain, the West has resigned itself, through its deliberate inaction, to the death of the population it claims to be saving. Though the international community may have legitimate concerns about the political crisis in Darfur, it should not condition humanitarian aid to a political agenda. Such policies will lead to extensive loss of life in the camps."
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