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From the Wolf's Mouth: Israel Admits Recent Attack on Syria

The attack on Syria by the Israeli air force using American-supplied jets two weeks ago has been decidedly downplayed out in the mainstream American media. Just yesterday I had a friend challenge me on the veracity of the story. Perhaps, the Israelis and US Zionists were trying to pull a Cambodia. Everyone in the world knew that the US military was bombing the hell out of Cambodia, in 1969-70, the Cambodians sure knew it. Only Americans--blinded by a stupid faith in the government and the collusion of the mainstream media--were in the dark.

Today, the Israeli daily Ha'aretz reports: "The political and defense establishments reacted with fury on Thursday to opposition leader MK Benjamin Netanyahu's apparent confirmation of an Israeli operation in Syria two weeks ago." It continues: "Army Radio Labor Party secretary-general, Etan Cabel, called Netanyahu's words 'an outburst that is severe, stupid and irresponsible.' "

The attack was reported by the Syrian Arab News Agency on the day it happened. It was in the European press at least a week ago and on September 11th Syria filed a formal complaint with the United Nations.
Syria has lodged a formal complaint with the United Nations over a “flagrant violation” of its airspace last week by Israeli warplanes, which dropped munitions on its territory, AFP reported.

Syria’s UN envoy Bashar Jaafari said on September 11 that his government was “drawing attention to this flagrant Israeli violation of its airspace and to its aggression against Syrian territory”.

In identical letters to UN chief Ban Ki-moon and French Ambassador to the UN Jean-Maurice Ripert, who is currently president of the Security Council, Jaafari said the Israeli planes had crossed Syria’s northern frontier last Thursday and dropped “some munitions without managing to cause any human casualties or material damage”.

The Syrian letter, obtained by AFP, said the Jewish state had deliberately committed “other similar crimes including the bombing of Syrian civilian facilities in 2003”.

Israel and Syria remain officially at war after peace talks collapsed in 2000 over the status of the Golan Heights, which Israel captured from Syria in 1967 and annexed in 1981.

“If the international community persists in disregarding these Israeli actions in breach of international law, it is likely to subject the region and international peace and security to serious consequences that may be difficult to control,” Jaafari noted.
The Washington Post says Israel's "silence is shrewd" and explains: "
It has allowed Syria to avoid a military response and every other Arab state to pretend that nothing happened" but this is simply ridiculous Syria has not been silent and Arab and other states have no plausible deniability here. Perhaps the mission was a failure. One report says, "Syria said only that warplanes entered its airspace, came under fire from anti-aircraft defenses and dropped munitions and fuel tanks to lighten their loads while they fled." Or, perhaps, Zionists think it better to downplay another example of Israeli aggression.

See also: "Why Did Israel Attack Syria?" by Jonathan Cook.

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I'd rather trust American jets in the hands of the Israelis then North Korean Nukes in the hands of the Syrians!

-Sane Patriot
"Sane Patriot," you are a fool who's learned nothing from the lies about WMDs and al-Qaeda in Iraq or the routine lies of Israelis. You probably think the USS Liberty and the Lavon Affair were just accidents. That is, if you even know anything about them. End Jewish supremacy in Palestine along with the Zionist state's ~200 nuclear weapons and a major source of international conflict for will disappear.

And you think that there is no Arab country pursuing WMD's? How do you explain Qaddafi admitting to such programs existing in Libya (Technology supplied by who elseb North Korea and Pakistan). It's a shame that you see Post-colonial Arab Nationalism as reactionary to Western 'Hegemony'. That if there were no Israel or American footprint in the region the area would be awash in peace in prosperity. Its a shame that you can't see that Post-colonial Arab nationalism for what it really is, an inherently self-destructive force. Ask yourself this, How come the Palestinian Authority has never formally declared its independence, or for that matter the Hamas government in that Gaza Strip. Is it because these two entities are more concerned with the destruction of Israel then the welfare of their own people, or is it because these two entities are to busy throwing each other off roof-tops.

-Sane Patriot
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