Saturday, March 15, 2008


The Targetting of Professor Thomas Abowd

Below, via Behind the Lines: Poetry, War, & Peacemaking, are the first two paragraphs of an unsigned appeal on behalf of Professor Thomas Abowd at Wayne State University
Dear colleagues,

I need to write to you about a set of very serious racist and discriminatory attacks against Professor Thomas Abowd in his dispute with the Wayne State University administration and right-wing Zionist elements on campus. These circumstances are but a few of several offensive, anti-Arab and anti-Muslim happenings on this campus over the last few years, coming both before and after the attacks against Law Professor Wadie Said who applied for a job at WSU. The specific attacks against Professor Abowd are particularly troubling because, in this case, a WSU official has used racist and offensive language against Professor Abowd in the course of an official university investigation.

Included below is a short description of the line of questioning engaged in by officials of Wayne State University, particularly one Ms. Amy Stirling during her December 2007 investigation of Professor Thomas Abowd for several baseless and fabricated charges of "anti-semitism." (charges eventually all dropped for lack of evidence). A Union representative was present during this meeting with Ms. Stirling, and witnessed the racist language directed at Abowd. The Union representative took notes during the more than 2 hour conversation. It is clear to many that Stirling's line of questioning (as well as her generally hostile demeanor) was extremely inappropriate and had anti-Arab implications.
Read the entire appeal here.

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There are no "Right Wing Zionists" at WSU. This is an excuse commonly used when criticism of Hamas/Hizballah is made. The truth is that there are other conflicts in the world except for the Palestinian/Israel conflict. Moreover, Abowd propaganda will not bring peace because it is not meant to do so. Abowd should teach anthropology and not a subject that may promote hate.
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