Wednesday, June 25, 2008


LA Teacher Fired Over Malcolm X

According to a June 12, 2008, article in the Los Angeles Times: "the video footage [above] suggests that Salazar's removal is justified," according to "Senior Deputy Supt. Ramon C. Cortines through a spokesman. The course materials are appropriate, but the advocacy may have crossed the line, he said." Joshua Pechthalt, a vice president with United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), is quoted as follows: "I think she was a terrific teacher, who had a real connection with kids, but teachers in her position have a hard time winning these battles". Of course, that's especially true when their union does almost nothing to help them. As of this writing, the UTLA web site has nothing to say about Salazar's case--she got her dismissal notice in April--and Pechthalt's remarks are hardly a call-to-arms. No doubt many of the leaders of the UTLA are uncomfortable with Karen Salazar's methods and politics. One is reminded of the remarks of Doug Magann:
One would think that the School Board would be taking whatever actions needed to attain reasonably adequate and equitable funding for the schools (including, but not limited to, educating the general public about how things really work and how to change the rules). One would also think that the Teacher Union might be involved in such an endeavor, but both have been acculturated into the beggar mentality.

No one wants to offend the rulers. Never mind that the people cannot help themselves or that, given the existing rules, the Legislators are the only ones in a position to help the children. If they become offended, there will be retribution. This is the plantation, and such retribution could, and probably would, affect certain offending individuals personally.

What should we call the invocation of politeness, gentility, and civility as weapons to obscure the truth and effectively preclude the victims from influencing their destinies or those of their children? When people have been taught to accept the premise that open confrontation with authority figures is 'rude' and to be avoided at all cost, regardless of the circumstances or how they are being treated, it is more than sufficient to establish bondage to those that make the rules. And how should we describe those in the community who see these things, recognize them for what they are, and turn away in self-serving complacency?
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