Friday, December 05, 2008


Obama's Big Bus

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At least up until the last "election" or two, you used to hear a lot – especially from the Donkeycrats – about the proverbial "Big Tent", ostensibly used to symbolize the Party's acceptance of diverse constituencies, but was actually just a cheesy way for your Party to pander to segments of the voting population it normally wouldn't give the time of day to.

Editorial Cartoon: Never Mind the 'Big Tent'...

Until just recently, we used to hear a lot from the Party about their "big tent" at campaign time...

By Mike Flugennock

Once again though, huge props to the Obama Mob for taking this concept a bold step further...

Amazing, how quick and efficient he was, too.

Hear that, UFPJ? Hear that, Code Pink? He already wants to expand the war into Afghanistan? He's roped in your votes, he's got what he needed from you, now your ass is under the bus!

Environmentalists? Didn't he shift his position on offshore oil drilling? D'ohh, under you go. Looking like some awesome parties at the Inauguration, though.

Gays? Lesbians? Let's not even go there. He doesn't even want you to be able to marry. Why the hell did you all go for him so much? Doesn't matter, you're gone anyway. Crunch. Ouch.

I could go on, but you can see where I'm headed.

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By Mike Flugennock

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