Monday, April 16, 2007


First National Copwatch Conference

First National Copwatch Conference
July 13-15 2007
Berkeley, California
(will be up and running soon)

Berkeley Copwatch is working with other groups and individuals to host the first ever National Copwatch Conference dedicated to empowering groups and individuals to be more effective in their efforts to hold police accountable. There will be workshops that focus on sharing practical skills as well as opportunities to discuss theory and strategies for building a broader movement.

Our intent is to strengthen the national network of Copwatches, not create a national or centralized organization. Our greatest strengths are in our local and direct approaches to this many-faceted problem. We want to figure out how to share our experiences, build relationships, and act in support and solidarity with each other.

We invite your group to attend the conference. We also want to include your input in the planning.

The conference will consist of:
Copwatch Shifts
Movie Night

Deadline: April 26th
To help make the Conference more valuable for you, please go to the link below and fill out the survey.

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