Thursday, August 02, 2007


Hasbara & SlimVirgin on Wikipedia

Last May, I told you about the paid fellowships for hasbara operatives to further Zionize Wikipedia. Well, from Ohmy News via the Pan-African News Wire comes a recent article by Ludwig De Braeckeleer entitled "Wikipedia and the Intelligence Services." I have confirmed most of what De Braeckeleer writes about the Entebbe article, although the editing ban has now been lifted. Jayjg, Beit Or, and Nadav1 are three veteran Zionist editors who were active in suppressing material embarassing to supporters of Israel. Agha Nader made a valiant effort but in the end these thugs beat her down. The De Braeckeleer article then goes on to identify infamous editor SlimVirgin, another Zionist, as the pseudonym of Linda Mack, who is also identified as an operative of Britain's MI5 intelligence service and apparently worked to place the blame for the 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 bombing on Libya. Okay, that's probably more than you cared to know but read the article and follow some the links in this post if I've piqued your curiosity.

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Interestingly this expert on cults feel Aish Ha Tora is one of those.

Aish Ha Tora is behind the Hasbara Fellowships.
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