Friday, July 04, 2008


آه يا عرب Oh, Arabs

Check this out:

The video speaks for itself.

Translation of the background song, Ah Ya Arab (Oh, Arabs) by Kathim Al-Sahir:
My Arab brother
I am bewildered
What changed the revolutionaries' sword into a cane?
What changed the Arabic tongue into a wooden tongue?
Oh, my people
Oh, Iraq
We didn't sell out Arabs even during the worst of calamities
Hello brothers
Hello friends
The truth is the antidote for crying
We have no bread or medicine
We're hungry and wounded
But we carry our wound with the patience of prophets
Praise be to God
Who honored us with a test of patience in these times of hypocrisy
Thank God always
Inform the United Nations, they might hear me
Convey the voice of love
The voice of my father as he prays
The blood of Iraq's children is in Al-Amriyah Grave
Sleep my dear ones, may your sleep be peaceful

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