Saturday, May 12, 2012


Insight into Wikipedia's Pro-Israel Bias

The video below is from an August 2010 story by the Israeli Zionist media organization Arutz Sheva. If the video disappears you can also try to watch it here.Outside Israel the story seemingly got mainstream coverage only in "Wikipedia editing courses launched by Zionist groups" in the Guardian (UK) but it did merit lengthy discussion in a NY Times blog post entitled "Wikipedia Editing for Zionists".

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I am not understanding your headline.

What I am seeing is trainings on how to use Wikipedia, not that Wikipedia has bias.
In the first 40 seconds of the video Naftali Bennett says the goal of the training is to make sure the relevant articles in Wikipedia are "Zionist in nature". That is the insight into the bias. That there is a bias is, admittedly, not established in the post but if you believe that the concerted, organized efforts of the Israeli gov't and Zionist NGOs has no impact then I have a bridge on the Jordan River I'd like to sell you.
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