Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Israeli Ambassador: We're White Europeans

In July, I posted an entry on European/Ashkenazi Jewish racism against Mizrahi Jews in Israel. Here are two excerpts from one of two articles quoted in that post:
Mizrahim provide the demographic majority on whose civic docility the Eurocentric Israeli regime rests. Mizrahim have been the Jewish labor turning the cogs of the European-Zionist colonial project ever since its inception, with the Yemeni-Jewish labor migration of 1882. ...

The Ashkenazi leadership has repeatedly evoked the image that Israel is a European villa, planted in the midst of the regional jungle, from Bible times to the present day.
One can find no better confirmation of the "European-Zionist colonial" nature of Israel than the recent remarks of the Israeli ambassador to Australia, Naftali Tamir. In an interview with Ha'aretz, Tamir, a veteran diplomat, told Charlotte Halle:
"Israel and Australia are like sisters in Asia. We are in Asia without the characteristics of Asians. We don't have yellow skin and slanted eyes. Asia is basically the yellow race. Australia and Israel are not - we are basically the white race. We are on the western side of Asia and they are on the southeastern side.

"Israel has a past and present in Europe, but no future. Israel is a part of Asia," he added. [emphasis added--VFPD]
In a followup article, Halle reports:
The key concern of the Jewish community, the source in Sydney explained, was that the broad coverage of the comments in the Australian press would fuel those who charge that Israel is a racist state and that the Australian government is erring in its overtly pro-Israel position. He added that while the comments were considered offensive and embarrassing, the community would "rally around [the ambassador]," while distancing itself from the sentiments.
Note that the "key concern" is not that the Ambassador's remarks reflect an underlying reality of real racism. No, the "key concern" is that the remarks will be used by Israel's critics. I am reminded of those American pundits and politicians who agonized over the Abu Ghraib scandal not because it was bad but because it made the US look bad.

Thanks to B.C. and A.S. for tipping me off to this story.

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