Sunday, November 25, 2007


Deliver Us from Evil

I had low expectations for Deliver Us from Evil, the 2006 documentary film about child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy. I expected a lurid expose that ran roughshod over victims and the church but I was pleasantly surprised that the film is a thoughtful look at a problem--to put it mildly--that has dogged the Roman Catholic church for centuries. The film centers on priest Oliver O'Grady, three of his victims, and the church leaders who for decades covered up O'Grady's crimes and have refused to acknowledge the widespread rot in the church. The film also explores behavioral causes in O'Grady's life and in the church.

One other thing worth mentioning is the whole "gay priest" argument. Conservatives in and out of the Roman Catholic church have tried to scapegoat gay priests for the child abuse scandal but the truth is that pedophiles [sic] are the problem, not gay men attracted to other adult men. O'Grady preyed upon boys and girls and openly admits that he saw little difference between them and had no sexual interest in adults of either gender. He seems typical in this regard. If you're really interested in this subject then be sure to watch the deleted scenes on the DVD.

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