Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Palestinians End Gaza Blockade

To the joy and relief of people around the world, Palestinians in Gaza took nonviolent direct action early yesterday and, for the moment, ended Israel's crushing and criminal blockade of the territory by tearing down large sections of the Israeli-constructed wall separating Gaza and Egypt. The Israelis and their Fatah collaborators were not so happy.

Next year in al-Quds!

See also "Gaza" on No Snow Here.

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Regardless of whether the Gazans were justified in blowing up the wall or not, the very act of blowing it up makes it a VIOLENT act. What happened was not a display of non-violence.
Sorry, but I'm not buying. Controlled demolitions are used all the time to take down old buildings, bridges, walls, smoke stacks, etc. and no one calls that "VIOLENCE". The real act of violence was putting the wall up in the first place, which Israelis could only do under cover of force.
The Gazans didn't have much choice!
Hamas are even worse than the ZAF - Zionist Aggression Force.
It is absurd to suggest that "Hamas are even worse than the ZAF." Hamas enjoys wide popular support in Gaza (and the West Bank) and the blockade by the "ZAF" was imposed, in part, because of just that fact. Hamas also, no doubt, played a key role is bringing down the wall erected by the "ZAF".
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